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We ship big horses, small horses, race horses, show horses, retired horses, and best friends!

Morrissey’s services the entire East Coast, we provide both local and long distance transport. Our primary runs are from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states into and out of Kentucky. We have frequent runs from the Lexington/Louisville area into and out of the Carolinas. We can also transport your horses to or from Florida to any of these locations. In addition to our long haul tractor trailers we also have 6 horse vans and a pickup truck with a gooseneck trailer for local vanning in the tri-state area. Our well maintained, air ride trailers will keep your horses comfortable and happy.

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The majority of our trips utilize two drivers. These drivers are screened for drug or alcohol use prior to employment and randomly tested thereafter by an outside source. They are required to meet rigorous standards put forth both by our company, the USDOT and our insurance company. Every driver is required to have at least three years experience driving a tractor trailer and most of our drivers have 20+ years behind the wheel. They are required to keep log books and not allowed to drive more than 14 hours in one day or more than 70 hours in an eight day period.

We can accommodate your horse in a box stall or a stall and a half (cross tied in a stall – usually standing next to another horse) These stalls are half the width of the trailer and approximately 7 feet long. A box stall is generally 8’ x 8’.

Long distance trips now have cameras installed in the trailers to watch your horses, additionally attendants are available upon request. The trucks generally stop every four to five hours to water the horses. This gives the horses an opportunity to rest without vibration of the vehicle on their legs and body. Water buckets can also be hung in box stalls. Hay nets are hung for your horse or can be ground fed if the horse is in a box stall. Hay can be supplied by us or you can provide your own. Stalls are bedded with clean wheat straw. Every trailer is steam cleaned and disinfected after each trip.

We have agents and local transportation available in Lexington, Kentucky and in the Middleburg, Virginia areas.

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USDOT # 006349

M.C. # 109502
Fully licensed and insured.
Weekly trips to Kentucky from all points East.

Local vanning and info:

a.) Gould Brittle, Agent in Virginia
Home and Fax: (540) 363-3163
Mobile: (540) 270-6102

b.) Thom Peavy, Agent in Kentucky
Home and Fax: (502) 570-9200
Mobile: (859) 983-2473

I would like to take this time to say a big thank you for bringing my Jockamo home to me. After the ordeal on Saturday, I didn't know any good people were still left in the world.

Your trucking company went the extra mile to restore my faith in people. Waymon, Rob, and I can't remmeber the other mans name (sorry) were just great. If you ever need to lay over, my farm shall welcome you with open hearts. Once again, Thank you so very much.


Lynn W.
Woodstown, NJ

I led my new pony towards the dark green trailer. She muzzled her soft muzzle into my shoulders. It tickled like a catapillar. As soon as we got on the trailer I gave her her first peppermint I had ever given her. She took it as quickly as a bullet. That was the very first time I met my very own pony.

Amy N. (6 yrs old)

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